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WOOD BOXES COLLECTION: Lined large wood box with printed tile - Opera "Five Eldest Children of Charles I" by Anthony van Dyck

WOOD BOXES COLLECTION: Lined large wood box with printed tile - Opera "Five Eldest Children of Charles I" by Anthony van Dyck

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This exquisite hardwood box boasts an ivory velvet interior lining and a sumptuous mahogany finish outside.
The image, rendered in high resolution, graces a satin-finish Italian tile.
Its lid, equipped with a concealed hinge and spring-loaded mechanism, ensures seamless opening.
Additionally, felt feet adorn the base, safeguarding furniture surfaces.
Presented in a sturdy white gift box with high walls, this box exudes elegance and craftsmanship

Size: 8.75" Wide X 6.75" Deep X 2.75" High
Inside dimensions- 7.75" X 5.75" X 1.5” Deep)

"Angels and Cherubs" is a collective term often associated with the works of the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael. Throughout his career, Raphael depicted angels and cherubs in various paintings, frescoes, and tapestries, imbuing them with a sense of divine beauty and celestial grace. Some notable examples include his frescoes in the Vatican Palace, such as "The Disputation of the Holy Sacrament" and "The School of Athens," where angels and cherubs are depicted as ethereal beings surrounding scenes of religious and philosophical significance. Raphael's portrayal of angels and cherubs reflects his mastery of composition, color, and expression, contributing to his reputation as one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance period.


The painting "Five Eldest Children of Charles I" by Anthony van Dyck is a notable work of art that captures a significant moment in the history of the English monarchy. Created around the 1630s, during the reign of Charles I, the painting depicts the five eldest children of the king and his queen, Henrietta Maria of France.
In the painting, the children are portrayed with grace and elegance, reflecting the status of their royal lineage.
The composition is carefully arranged, with the children positioned in a manner that emphasizes their individuality while also showcasing their familial bond.
They are typically depicted in opulent clothing, symbolizing their privileged upbringing and royal heritage.

Any art lover, as well as anyone who has visited Italy, must have had the opportunity to appreciate an affresco painting.
Most prominent ancient Roman paintings consist of affresco, as do the holy stories depicted within medieval churches.
The magnificent decorations found within the halls of villas dating from the fifth, sixth, and seventh centuries also feature affresco paintings.
The affresco painting method is the basis for the most impressive mural works of Italian art and is considered to be the most widely used artistic technique during the Renaissance period by world-known artists such as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Signorelli, and Piero Della Francesca and more.


All products like Mugs, Candles, Tumblers etc. are made of Porcelain with the exception of:
- Olive Oil & Vinegar dispensers: Stainless Steel.
- Picture Frames and Panels: Composite Wood with high resolution Chromalux front.
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