Collection: RC Designs - Italy

RC Design, led by the talented Italian digital artist Raffaele Carnevale, is an exclusive brand that showcases his unique creations. Based in the picturesque seaside city of Viareggio, situated in the renowned Tuscan Riviera, Raffaele draws inspiration from his professional background in photography, leveraging the full capabilities of today's artificial intelligence (AI), he crafts entirely original designs.

The range of creations under the RC Design brand is diverse, featuring abstract works as well as "wild" creations. Some pieces are born from personal visions inspired by landscapes, natural atmospheric events, or daily lifestyle scenes. Raffaele's digital art expertise, combined with the power of AI, allows him to bring these visions to life in ways that are both unique and non-reproducible through traditional means.

RC Design stands as a testament to Raffaele Carnevale's ability to fuse artistic vision with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a collection of one-of-a-kind digital artworks that captivate and inspire.